BT Contact Number: 0843 504 7163

Phone BT customer services and technical support on the 0843 504 7163 contact number or phone BT for free by calling their 0800 800 150 helpline.

Contact BT customer services by calling their general enquiries phone number 0843 504 7163 or their freephone number 0800 800 150. If you are unsure of which BT department you should contact or if you simply want information on the landline, broadband or tv packages offered by BT then you should call either of their helpline numbers.

If you want to contact a specific BT department to get technical support or troubleshooting advice for issues with your specific BT service then please use our helpful list of BT technical support phone numbers to find the correct contact details for your department.

BT Technical Support Phone Numbers

BT Landline Technical Support 0800 800 151
BT Broadband, Email, TV and Sport Troubleshooting 0800 111 4567
BT Cloud Technical Support 0800 500 3114
BT SmartTalk Support 0800 011 3845
Problems with your BT ID 0800 707 6310
Outdoor Equipment Faults (cables, poles, cabinets, manholes) 0800 023 2023
Problems with a BT Building 0800 223 388